A 60 Million Person Online March For Justice


The Cosby ruling demonstrates the importance of access to courts and juries in sexual harassment cases, to out predators and deliver justice

But the majority of American workers do not have this basic right, due to forced arbitration provisions in their employment agreements

Microsoft has led responsibly by waiving arbitration of sexual harass-ment claims in its own employment contracts … but remarkably no other major company has followed


EMPOWER the more than 60 million affected American workers, along with their families and friends (anyone not living in a cave), to aggregate their buying and voting power to demand that employers waive forced arbitration

… and that their elected representatives vote for the Ending Forced Arbitration of Sexual Harassment Act of 2017


CEOs or CFOs not sending an email to wetoo@noarbitration.org stating that sexual harassment claims are not subject to arbitration invite public ridicule and boycotts of their companies’ products and services

Legislators not voting for the Sexual Harassment Act will face organized action by voters


An email address to receive updates And a zip code to identify legislators

No personal information Not shared with anyone
Encourage others to add their voices !